We manage investments in equities, credit and venture capital strategies.

Navigating markets with patience and diligence.

Our mission is to produce extraordinary returns by investing in both public and private companies that combine the best science and technology with the best management teams and financial syndicates.

We aspire to do so in a way that makes our partners and portfolio companies proud, as we build a unique, global investment platform.

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of investing in public and private markets globally across the capital structure

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and engaged investors in long and short equities, corporate and venture capital

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in investing in public and private markets globally across the capital structure

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in investment sectors and strategies and the business functions to support them

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Investment Strategies


We employ both thesis-driven and opportunistic approach to finding investments in select strategies while managing individual security and market risks.

From transforming unsustainable global real estate, to relieving an over-stressed global food supply, to supercharging the speed at which science becomes solutions, some of society’s biggest challenges are now some of the world’s greatest business opportunities.

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Altivum Management has a multi-decade track record of advocating for operational or portfolio change to drive long-term shareholder value through engagement with mature, publicly-listed companies.

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Most of our team is sector-focused on event and fundamental equities on both the long and short sides.  An event-driven and value approach helps us identify catalysts in mergers and acquisitions, restructurings, and other special situations that will unlock value.  We also have a long history of short-selling individual securities.

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Throughout our history, we have swiftly deployed capital during market dislocations into all types of credit securities, including government bonds, distressed and performing credits, and post-reorganization equities.  We may also choose to participate in distressed workouts or on creditor’s committees.

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We aim to identify companies early in their lifecycle, where we can take a board seat, advise on go-to-market strategy and help founders navigate capital markets as they eventually approach a public listing.

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News & Insights

Altivum News & Publications

Our objective is to recognize talent, respect hard work and reward success.

Delivering returns across market cycles by investing in equities, credit and venture capital strategies across the globe.

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